Pricing for Longies/Shorts/Capris/Skirties

Prices listed are for YYMN (Your yarn, my needle). I do keep some yarn in stock and will try to have pictures available on my Flickr or my FaceBook photos page. If you request yarn from my stock, the price of the yarn will be in addition to the knitting fee. Most of my yarn will be 100% wool (Cestari, Mtn. Meadow, BBR, Targhee, BFL, etc..) but I do keep simple acrylic such as Caron Simply Soft or Red Heart Soft yarn for those mom's who do not require wool. I have limited local access living here in Alaska but can purchase some specialty yarns or trim skeins upon request.

***If you have an aversion to pooling (large sections of color gathering rather than just striping, you must purchase 2 skeins of the same color if you are requesting anything larger than a medium. I try my best to avoid major issues of pooling, but minor pooling is sometimes unavoidable and returns will not be accepted on the basis of pooling***

Size 0-3 months - Shorties - $30 Capris - $35 Longies - $40 Skirties - $40

Rise – 16”
Thigh – 10”
Waist – 14”
Hips – 16”
Inseam – 7”

Size 3-6 months - Shorties - $35 Capris – $40 Longies - $45 Skirties - $45

Rise - 17”
Thigh – 10.5”
Waist – 16”
Hips – 18”
Inseam – 9”

Size 12 months - Shorties – $40 Capris – $45 Longies - $50 Skirties - $50

Rise – 18”
Thigh – 11”
Waist – 18”
Hips – 20”
Inseam – 11”

Size 18 months - Shorties – $45 Capris – $50 Longies - $60 Skirties - $60

Rise – 18”
Thigh – 12”
Waist – 19”
Hips - 21”
Inseam – 12”

Size 2T (24 mos) - Shorties – $50 Capris – $60 Longies - $70 Skirties - $70

Rise - 19”
Thigh – 12.5”
Waist – 20”
Hips - 22”
Inseam – 13”

Size 3T (36 mos) - Shorties – $55 Capris – $65 Longies - $75 Skirties - $75

Rise – 20”
Thigh – 13”
Waist – 21”
Hips – 23”
Inseam – 14”

Price includes waistband of your choice - drawstring or elastic and also cuff style of your choice - seed stitch, rolled hem, or ribbed.

Ruffles/double ruffles/bell bottoms $5 extra
Specialty stitch cuffs (linen/half linen/bamboo/etc..) $3
Cables - $10 extra
Cargo pocket - $5 extra
Matching basic hat - $15 extra
Newborn sleepsacks also available for $20.

Pricing for the Molly Bubble Romper (YYMN)

The cost for the Rompers are the same as the cost for longies in the same size due to the similar amount of yarn used and time it takes to complete.

Pricing for the Elizabeth Tunic (YYMN)

Newborn: $30.00
3 Months: $37.00
6-12 Months: $44.00
12-18 months: $53.00
18-24 Months: $60.00
2T/3T: 67.00

The Elizabeth Tunic was knit under license from Alligator Knits. The original pattern can be found at Alligator Knits is not responsible for the quality of items made through the licensing agreement. Thank you for supporting us work at home moms!

Prices for the Kaia Babydoll Top (YYMN)

Newborn - $35.00
3 months - $40.00
6 months - $45.00
9 months - $50.00
12 months - $55.00
2T - $60.00

3T - $65.00
4T - $70.00
5T - $75.00

Prices for the Springtime in Hollis Sweater (YYMN)

Prices listed are the low and high range, varying on the sleeve length and hooded vs. hoodless styles. The exact cost will be calculated depending upon your choices.

The sweater also features 3 buttons, measuring 3/4"-5/8" in diameter, to be supplied by the purchaser or I can pick up something basic at JoAnn's or Michael's.

3 months - $36.00 to $58.00
6 months - $35.00 to $66.00
12 months - $52.00 to $74.00
18 months - $60.00 to $82.00
2T - $72.00 to $90.00
4T - $80.00 to $98.00


A $20 deposit holds your place in line and 50% payment is due when your item is begun with the balance paid in full prior to shipping.

Custom orders are exactly that, made to order and therefore, non-refundable. Refunds will only be considered if there is a defect in the knitting itself. I will do my best to make sure you are satisfied with your item and will send work-in-progress pictures as I go along.

Please take care to measure your child accurately, item's will not be re-knit if the finished garment matches the measurements that were given at the time of the order, without a re-knitting fee (to be determined by the amount of correction necessary.)

Shipping will be by USPS and either First Class or Priority mail to be determined by the customer. A Delivery confirmation number will always be included. Insurance is recommended by not required.

Yarns I have available

Since I am so far behind trying to photograph my available yarns, here is a typed inventory of what I have for now, located in post #2. If there is something you are interested in, please email me at or message me under the same name on YIM or ELC Knits on DS.

Satisfied Customers

Monday, August 18, 2008

2 pair down and 1 more to go

I finished two pair of the newborn longies in the Parasio purewool and one hat. I am working the third pair now and realize I wont be able to make the matching hat for the other two sets so I have settled on the longies with a matching dyed baby shirt for the two baby shower gifts and then I will just keep the one hat with the pair that I make for our baby. I am ready to be done with this yarn though lol - I am tired of looking at it by now.

I am just plain tired. Went to the doctor this morning and she says they will be wanting to induce around the 24-26 of September because she will be out of the office the following week. That's disappointing because JR really wanted to try and see if we could go without being induced so that I wouldnt be confined to bed. I have been having the most awful time sleeping lately, this morning it was after 3 a.m. before I fell asleep and then had to be up at 6. I am just dragging now.

I am starting on a pair of longies and a hat for Candice's new little nephew born last month. Not so little, he's over 10 lbs at less than a month old so I am making the 3-6 month size for him. Its in 3 ply purewool, the Palace colorway with black trim.

And I have a custom coming in for an 18 month old in Mosiac Moon's Guinevere colorway that should be here this week. That will be fun to knit up, I love that colorway.

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